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Many tech industry specialist IT companies have emerged in the UK, offering a varied range of business process automation services to clients. Some of them use software product development, to automate processes while others offer services of robotic programming. Businesses in the UK often require specialist help, in order to detangle their businesses processes, streamline staff, and run the latest technologies. Business Process Management service companies assist businesses in better management and operations and also build efficiency. This ultimately helps the business community increase their net revenues.

Popular services required by tech companies in the UK

Below are some of the business processes and services provided for our clients:

Automated Website Scraping

Process Management 

execute recurring tasks or processes

Automated File Transfers

Automated Report Generation and Distribution

Automated Order Entry

Automated Data Entry

Email Automation

Automate Business Process

Automate Claims Processes

Robotic Process Automation technology

Guide to finding the best Tech Company 

• Scope of Work

If the scope of work is very vast then a company with a big team should be considered. Whereby, the team members have specialization in their fields. If the scope of work is lesser then one can even consider hiring a small tech company to undertake the job.

More than 120 businesses, university, and public sector leaders attended the event at HP Labs, Filton, to hear speeches from Lord Sainsbury, Hermann Hauser, co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners and architect of the Cambridge Phenomenon and Johnny Ball, science enthusiast and former TV presenter. They discussed technology solutions to major issues facing Bristol and the surrounding area: sustainable transportation, the skills shortage in the workforce and public-private collaboration across sectors.

As Lord Sainsbury said; “The Bristol city-region is known for its scientific heritage, including its links with Brunel, but the continuing impact of this scientific culture is often underestimated. Its scientists remain at the global leading edge of technological developments in areas such as mobile telephony, robotics, and low power microelectronic devices. With such significant research and development work underway today in its universities and businesses, this announcement highlights the progress that Bristol is making in creating a high-tech cluster which will act as a catalyst for economic growth in the region.”

SPark is a groundbreaking development driven by the South West RDA, the Universities of Bristol, Bath and the West of England and specialist developer Quantum Property Partnership. The 10-year project will provide dedicated space for science and technology businesses in South West England and create around 6,000 highly skilled jobs. Contractors for Spark One will be announced this summer, with work expected to start before the end of the year.

“Our remit is to support a sustainable economy by investing to unlock the region’s business potential, and SPark will play a major role in achieving this by attracting new companies to the area and building on the region’s reputation as leader in the aerospace, defense, digital technologies, and biotechnology industries,” said Stephen Peacock, Executive Director Enterprise & Innovation at the South West RDA.

He continued; “With investment totaling more than £30 million this is our single largest project in the region. It will include a 70,000 sq ft Innovation Centre and ‘grow-on’ center that will act as a hub for developing and supporting young science-based businesses as they evolve.”

Tonianne Dwyer from Quantum, said “Significant work has been done over the last two years to plan a science park that will not only achieve new standards of environmental excellence but act as an accelerator for the businesses that are based there. By connecting these businesses to the best academic and inward investment resources in the region, Spark will not just be a place to grow a business, but a highly flexible and valuable resource in its own right.

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1. The South West RDA leads the development of a sustainable economy, investing to unlock the region’s business potential. It works in partnership with public, private and social purpose organizations to drive up the region’s productivity by giving people the skills they need, encouraging enterprise, improving infrastructure, regenerating places, and promoting the strengths of the region. 

2. Thanks to initial investment from the South West RDA, and working in collaboration with a wide range of partners across the region, Science City Bristol will play a key role in the sustainable economic and social development of the city region over the coming years. 

3. Lord Sainsbury is the former Science and Innovation Minister and author of the Sainsbury Review of the Government’s science and innovation policies, ‘The Race to the Top, which forms the blueprint for the government’s policies on Science and Innovation in the UK.

4. Herman Hauser, a Ph.D. in Physics and Engineering from Vienna University and Cavendish Laboratories at Kings College, Cambridge, has been instrumental over many years in helping science-based start-ups to commercialize their technology successfully - examples include Acorn Computers; NetChannel; Cambridge Network; IXI; Cambridge Network; Vocalis; Syngenix; Advanced Displays. He co-founded Amadeus Capital Partners with Anne Glover and Peter Wynn in 1997 and jointly they have led the field in terms of enabling innovative and science-based companies to commercialize their intellectual property. Most critically Amadeus Capital has also aided its investee companies in preparing to expand into the US and China. His participation in this conference comes at an opportune moment for the launch of Bristol Science City and the Bristol and Bath Science Park.

5. Bristol City Region is proud to have been designated a Science City thanks to its strengths and achievements in world-class scientific research, development, and innovation. Science City Bristol, backed by a broad partnership of public, private and academic organizations, will support and develop the area’s science and innovation assets to deliver sustainable economic and social benefit by: 

• Bringing business, academia, and government together

• Creating a more connected scientific community

• Promoting the area’s scientific achievements to help us attract even more world-leading scientific enterprise and research 

• Creating a culture for all which understands and celebrates science and technology 

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